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Karam kunstenaar

Karam ( Duits kunstenaar )

A colorful surrealism and a sad joy

By: Professor Dr. Rateb Al-Gothani

An academic aesthetic intellectual *

Upon seeing the Karam painting I was totally overtaken, as if I opened a door that was exactitude closed on the space of modern painting the space of advertisement, advertisement, advertisement, and advertisement.

Yes, you see the drawings of Karam then you are in the middle of lights and objects, commodities and creatures, spaces and colors, music and the remains of a human, Sadness, joy, clamor, alienation, estrangement and loss.

The Drawings of Karam are an invitation to connect with everything and contact with everything. You are surrounded by the whispers of objects and lines and colors and the shadows of people. All you have is to enjoy the visibility, the sensation, the depth, the sadness that merges you with the time and the present alienation.

In his clear and outspoken and impulsive with colorful objects drawings unfurls the ghost of memories and a surrealism of tragedy, the tragedy of the absence of human and the presence of objects with strength and temptation.

Yes: and despite of the belonging of Karam to an imposed creative era and to what is present, still he remained loyal to the secrets of his past and his tradition and his soul and his people, at which he liberated the past from its' serenities, from its' moulds and traditions, until it seemed that everything upon him is moving with elasticity and changes with venture to belong to the generation of obsession and shopping and sighting.

But the most important thing of that is that Karam takes us with him and with his drawings to sad depths, and maybe this is the secret of our amazement and enjoyment towards his paintings, colors and colorful spirit with a sad joy.